white chik with gun

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    the gripping hand

    FN F2000. Looks like a long way for spent brass to travel to the ejection port.

    tiki god

    yeah, about that..why would they do that? and how is the casing being carried from the chamber to the front of the barrel?


    good question. tried to find a animated vid you demonstrate, no such luck.
    I read the wiki. there is a secondary tube that runs along the barrel. the casing travels up this tube and out the front side.


    I’ve wanted one of these since they came out about 10 years ago now. The point for the ejection port being so far forward is so that you can fire the rifle right or left handed at whim. That’s the problem with bullpups, most of them if you fire them left handed your cheek is on the ejection port. If you want to fire a rife around the left side of vertical cover you can either fire it from the left hand and keep your body behind cover or you can fire it from the right shoulder exposing your whole… Read more »


    So it can be ambidextrous. If a lefty shoots a regular bullpup… well they can’t because it shoots fucking brass in your face.


    Here’s my guess:
    The case is ejected somewhat normally, and the bolt carrier group has some sort of appendage on the right side that shoves the case forward in the side tube, the same time as it’s loading the next round into the chamber.

    But I’ve never seen or handled one to know at all, so this is just an intuitive guess.


    Has DNK changed his name?


    Ding ding ding
    We have a winner!