Spinning Hook Kick

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    Observe closely class. Boot to the head.


    Ah TKD. I’ve never seen a a martial art that combines so much neat stuff with so much stupidity.

    It absolutely amazes me that this was chosen as an Olympic sport over Pancrase. Actually, I take that back. It doesn’t amaze me because the Olympic committee is retarded when it comes to contact sports.


    The IOC is retarded about selecting ALL sports. Look at the whole baseball/softball issue.


    This. It is true.


    Meh. Compliant demos and board breaking don’t impress me. I’ve seen a million of them. They’re meaningless.

    Besides, most of those attacks were garbage. It’s symptomatic of people who don’t train against resisting opponents. Honestly, training like that would teach a person bad habits that would make them a worse fighter.

    The Uke in the video was good at playacting hurt. He has a future in the WWE.


    For all my bitching, I would take nearly any martial art given the opportunity, regardless of whether or not I think it’s useful.

    Hell, I still hit up an aikido class every no and then. It’s fun to me.


    Taekwondo ? Thought so.
    Protection, meh. Knockdown rules with only balls, teeth protection is the shit.