Pastafari – now official

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After 3 years of legal BS, austrian Niko Alm finally got his driver’s licence…on which he is wearing a noodle-colander. He claimed the same rights as other religious groups (e.g. nuns, muslim women) and said that as a “Pastafari” (follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) it’s his duty to wear the unusual hat on official photopgraphs. Damn right it is!

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    File this under: Most useless information seen today.


    He was showing the hypocrisy of allowing Muslim women to be fully veiled and certain Christian women to wear scarfs on official documents that is suppose to show identification, but others must conform to be fully visible. When it came to other types of beliefs he was persecuted. It don’t care for the mocking nature of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I do support what this guy did.


    About time pastafarians got the same rights as other groups with funny imaginary friends ( in austria, anyhoo)


    Yeah yeah PC and equal rights and all the other raving bonkers bullshit we are demanding as ways of making life ‘fair’ and ‘just’. Really its just a massive waste of time and ridicules the people whose beliefs have history and culture. How much money was wasted by the authorities on this useless fucking nonsense? How does it benefit anyone? Does he really wear a colander? You know what wouldve been fair? Demanding everybody have no headwear. End of fucking story – no ridiculous religious tolerance when it comes to official ID. Its a photo – its not your ACTUAL… Read more »


    Congratulations, you figured out the point of this little exercise.


    This. But…the colander is funny.

    Kik Dogg

    “limpgod” sounds pretty impotent.


    It’s a common trait among gods.


    The whole thing is a stupid joke. “Pastafarian” isn’t a real religion, it’s a parody of religion. That’s the whole goddamned point.


    Define a “real” religion please…


    At birth, they throw the baby at the wall and see if it sticks.


    THIS IS ABOMINATION! HE SHOULD BE… well I don’t know what, but definitely authorities should do something!


    They did, they gave him a license.


    Yeah weren’t you reading?


    But What About the Children?


    Wearing a skullcap or yarmulke or whatever the fuck he’s got on is strictly Amateur Hour. When a fully-made-up juggalo’s face successfully makes it onto an ID card because he/she/it “worships” ICP…that’ll be something to post.


    It’s a pasta/veg colander.


    The canonical perforated-sheet-metal kind, or the some heretical wire-mesh abomination?


    I think it’s actually some sort of plastic sacrilege.

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