inside job

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    Wait, what’s the total death toll for Iraq & Afghanistan? The world will never know.


    Totally agree


    Don’t tell me people are still on about this stupid theory…


    Maybe you would feel more comfortable if instead of “inside job,” it read “intentional disregard” or “intentional neglect” or “quiet non-intervention” or “plausibly deniable unencumberance?”


    or “STFUGTFO”


    Inside the plane or inside the towers?



    Yes, because fire doesn’t melt steel says Rosie O’Donnell.


    If you set fire to O’Donnell I bet she would burn for months.


    Imagine the amount of soap we could render from her…..


    I don’t know about any of that, but this cuppa Folger’s is tasting pretty good, my doggie is on the bed behind me tearing one of her stuffed rabbits apart, and it’s gonna be in the high 70’s with clear skies today. Ahhh.


    Inside Joke


    One thing is to disregard as insane all the truly crazy theories about what really happened that day from people who’d clearly have a hard time spelling their own names, but a whole other thing is to be sufficiently retarded not to notice that nothing of what happened that day made any sense, and the official story is so ridiculous it looks like the work of a drunken, retarded mule. To begin with, the air space over the Pentagon is the second most restricted air space in the world (The White House is the first). They should have known an… Read more »


    Mhm. And now for motive. They did it because of….what? So they can invade a totally worthless country with no resources whatsoever, no real geo-political value, so they can kill a lot of civilians and their own soldiers. And the arms industry will make a lot of money they would have made anyways. Makes perfect sense. And if they are so stone cold, why do you think a big conspiracy of media, politics and industry would do this whole job so badly every tard on the internet can find out? If you wanna make up a conspiracy, start by finding… Read more »


    >middle east
    >no resources
    >oil is not a resource the US needs


    If you want oil, why invade a country that doesn’t have any??? And Afghanistan is not part of the Middle East. It’s friggin’ Central Asia. Iraq made sense if you want oil. Having Pakistan as your ally makes sense so you have Iran in reach. But Afghanistan? Come on. It’s goat herders and poppy farmers.


    Can’t get tons of Heroin without poppy farmers.

    War on Drugs, Fuck yeah!


    War itself is profitable.


    Seriously? Popular Mechanics shot down every one of your examples years ago.


    The standard rejoinder is column 4, line 5, substituting “Hearst” for X. ‘Cause apparently the Hearst empire is neck deep in the New World Order herpaderpaderrrrrrrrrrrp…man I got tired of this shit 4 years ago.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That was one of the dumbest fucking things I’ve read. Beer cans?

    Is that like poor people’s variant testing? If I place this beer can here in this tower and then…hang on I need to drink some more beer and finish the other tower or this experiment won’t be valid in the eyes of this government housing’s scientific community…

    Load bearing beams stand alone? Jesus…can I sell you this magic pen I have here? I’ll let you have it for 10000$ and it full on Harry Potter magic. You’ll love it, crazy person.


    You cant reason with 9-11 truther idiots. When you demonstrate that 98% of the people who know (the architects, the structural engineers, the chemical engineers) about the issues involved are unified that the jet fuel burn can and did cause the WTC collapse, they say “Experts don’t know everything.” Then, from under a rock, they’ll pull out their expert (who is usually a dentist, a lawyer, a muslim apologist, an anti-semite) and ask us to respect him. Oh, and the Pentagon, that’s also in the conspiracy too? I forget: is it a missile, or an unmanned 737? United 93– that… Read more »


    If one thinks about these two questions, one will begin to consider alternatives to the “accepted” explanations:

    Who actually benefited from the events of that day? Who didn’t?

    However, one must also consider how many people would have had to maintained secrecy about it before and after, to this day, for any *inside-job conspiracy* explanation… and so it begins to look a bit more complicated and mundane than either side of the traditional argument thinks.

    I’m pretty sure it was agents of Atlantis who pulled it off.


    Allah benefited . . . or so Osama said at the time.


    Allah Shrugged.


    America, fuck yeah!


    I suggest it was Oswald, in the depository, with the rifle. I win!


    I propose it was Cheney, in the bunker, with the joystick.


    If there is a cover-up of anything it is the covering up of how our government, under rediculous leadership from both president and congress, didn’t see this type of attack coming from a mile away. I am betting all those whose policies allowed our defenses to become so relaxed and full of holes are glad there are still fools wasting time and energy on this ‘inside job’ garbage, just as long as they’re not trying to uncover the real cover up I explained above.

    The american education system has let a great many of you down.

    Here: if you hit a building with a plane it will fall down. Buildings don’t topple over because they’re not made of Jenga pieces. That’s what happened. Planes hit buildings and they fell down. Everything else you want to think about it makes you look like a fucking retard. To everyone. All over the world.


    Wtf happened to building 7? I agree that planes knock buildings down.


    falling debris sliced into the structure, making it unstable, and, again, unrestrained fires weakened the steel. that, or the USA did it on purpose at the very same time that muslim retards just happened to slam into WTC 1/2.

    you decide.