Hipster Minecraft

half of you people prolly won’t get this joke

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    Paul Brennan

    Why did you do this in the computer? Not very hipster of you (will have to now recreate my uber awesome Lego spacebase in minecraft thanks for the idea)


    Man, I remember those old school Lego pieces.

    It was all about the lego blacktron. Google image it for nostalgia.


    Oh man, I used to have those! They’re still in my parent’s loft somewhere – guess I know what I’ll be doing over the next holidays.


    Blacktron is BESTtron.


    Lego Digital Designer is for hipsters?


    Haha, the house isn’t even spider safe. Or did you do that pre 1.2


    If noone gets the joke, then it’s a shitty joke.

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