Cheating Husband

Found this on a friend of a friend’s facebook page. You just have to share stuff like this. It looks OC to me, but someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Text: Here’s chuck pretending to be a good father and husband. What you don’t see is that he is cheating on his wife. Texting the other woman during this very dinner and leaving his wife and kids hanging wondering where the man they knew went.

– Fucked around on his wife with a married woman
– Lied to all his family and friends
– Unapologetic for his infidelity
– Broke his loyal wife’s heart
– Caused distrust in other people’s relationships
– Turned out just like his dad
– Failed his children and ruined another family.

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    “just have to share stuff like this”? I dunno. It seems like people always delight in making fun of and pointing fingers at the personal failures of others. Does it really make you feel like a better person, as if you have less to be ashamed of than the obvious shortcomings of this Chuck fellow?

    Oh, and what does O.C. mean? Is it on this list of acronyms?


    OC is original content. Not a repost.

    Still, this is pretty lame, and I don’t see what enjoyment I get out of reading it.


    Original content.

    And yes, people really are that insecure and immature that they need constant self re-assurance of their self worth (or deviation of attention and acknowledgment of a lack of it)

    Tl;dr welcome to the Internet.

    Now imagine if you were 9/10 looks wise, extremely intelligent and skillful – then you can sort of understand what I go through on the Internet.


    …yes, life advice from a misogynistic troll.


    We have a word for this in Germany: Schadenfreude, it means taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune or pain. This was a stupid post btw. Not sure why it needed to be shared either.


    Is this a coincidence, or am I not the only one who clicked the link to the old article at the bottom of the new article on Cracked today?


    Very funny.

    Now put back the part that says “this all could have been prevented if his wife simply stayed in the kitchen”


    “or put out more often.”


    They see me rollin
    They hatin
    Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty


    Looks to me like he’s making dinner.

    What a monster.


    Mac and Cheese is not suitable for dinner.

    Carbs, protein, and fiber is needed.

    Alec Dalek

    He’s making dinner while the house is a mess! Her ass must be the size of SmartCar. He needs to get the hell out of there and get with a real woman.


    So what I’m getting from the comments section is that we RARELY run into people who base their identity in finding bad examples and grading themselves on the curve? I’m surrounded by fuckers like this — I envy you if you find this to be a foreign concept.


    Could not a moment spent pointing out the shortcomings of others be better spent improving one’s self?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Did his wife get fat?

    If she got fat then this story needs context and he is not a monster so much as a reasonable human being.

    Fat women should be alone. Always. Otherwise they will never realize how disgusting and useless they really are.

    Alec Dalek

    So called “victims” are rarely innocent. Maybe he’s just sick and tired of her fucking shit. Maybe she sits on her ass all day “looking for a job” while he busts his ass at a thankless job. Then one day a real woman came along and treated him with the respect and affection he was log overdue. And now his sow of a wife is trying to redirect blame. Maybe he did give up on the marriage. Well she couldn’t because she’d have to have tried in the first place!


    I’m thinking he will regret his decision down the line. New relationships always seem great and the grass always seems greener. The new woman will probably be just as nuts if not more so than the one he left.

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