Which ones?

For me, all but A and I.

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    I feel ya about A and I, J has some thunder thighs on her too so cross her out too! All of them look a little young to me though! Tiny chests and stupid duck faces no doubt.


    Standards bro, standards! I would rather go without poon for months than date someone that was fat. and a tan and nice face do no compensate for fatness even though they are great. I mean look at the way she is standing, with her ass our and dress loose to hide her gut. I think it’s all about F baby!

    jess the mess

    who wants to roll on a skeleton?


    Well there is certainly healthy fat. I want a skinny girl, and 99% of men want skinny girls, that is simply how it works, we are programmed that way


    I really love how you pulled that statistic out of your ass. Some people actually try and be legit when using numbers in their arguments, but not you, no sir.


    Does anyone else suspect this is casemods talking to himself?

    “I mean look at the way she is standing, ”

    Yes, she looks about 14 and new to walking in high heels




    “A” I’m in agreement with. She looks like she may be legitimately retarded, and while there’s nothing wrong with that in a strict “Would I stick my dick in it?” sense, not being able to prove consent is a turn-off, so “A” is out. “B” looks like a screamer, which is always good providing you can prove the aforementioned consent, so she’s in. CDE look like the girls everyone figured where fucking everyone left right & center, but in truth don’t lose their virginity until they’re 24. While not renowned for being terribly skilled, or even lively, in the sack,… Read more »


    thats fucking hilarious!


    Fuck. I’ve gotten to the age where they look way too young. Now I care more about shit like compatibility and education/intelligence.


    YOU haven’t had a serious relationship? Gasp.


    I don’t know about you, but for some strange reason I’m not surprised…


    Clearly your sarcasm radar has failed


    Agreed with cashmods. I think they look a little young too, and intelligence is a thing for a serious relationship yep…but I thought we were just talking about sexing them up, not loving them….


    Yea I’m not someone who whiteknights/chest beats “ill protect your offspring madam!!” at the sight of anyone under 26, but ABCDGH I’d want ID off 🙂 still… they are probably all in the same year. And yea… Jail time and mental scars aside, assuming they are all 18, I’d probably take em all – not mad on I though. B+C would get my sticky gold and silver medal however 🙂


    D with a better poise.


    “I” will leave money on the dresser while your still passed out on the bed.


    A is just ugly, sorry.
    B because she has food.
    C, D and E are totally fuckable.
    F looks like a screeching banshee.
    G I’d like to live in her vagina.
    H can move in to our guest room.
    I think I is my cousin Brian.
    J is the poster child for cankles.


    lol @ H


    All of ’em. And I’d start with A and I and save the best ’til last.

    A-J then J-A, then repeat.


    J …look at how she is sticking her ass out..like she is saying “dick please”


    A, E, I, J

    All four at once, preferably.


    I’ll take G. Then I guess I’ll do H, E, C, J, I, F, D, B, and finally A….then go back to G to finish on a good note.


    All of them but A, but then probably A as well.


    A and I what are you purposely picking out the ugliest ones?


    I wouldn’t fuck A and you either.


    I’m not pretty enough for you ? :,(


    G … and for the love of god, post pictures in NSFW when you’re done with her!!


    you guys are fags.. J is fuckin hot .. prolly the only one from the whole bunch …. !


    At the same time.
    then one at a time.
    Then at the same time again.


    Just I. Everyone else looks irritating as hell.

    Mike Rackhabet

    CH&J at the same time while A watches.