Stupid pose girl

I wonder if that’s her fuck face as well.

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    That’s Amy Pond.
    Even with that expression I wouldn’t use the adjective “stupid” to describe any part of her.


    I hope so, because I would love to smash that.


    It was a trick.question, this IS her fuck face, and I was giving it to her.


    New Doctor Who Series.
    Though, her voice makes me want to hurt myself.


    Amy Pond. And she was being intentionally silly there.


    Doctor Who, Season 5, “The Vampires Of Venice”

    Hot redhead with a scottish accent? Yes please.


    This was the first traval of them together with the doctor. She had told the doctor that she was getting married the following morning from when he picked her up in the tardis.
    He knew this would eventually pull them apart like what happened between Rose and Micky over time. They had to travil with him together in order to avoid this, so he took them to Venice for a date. This was just them playing together before the exitement started with the ‘vampires’.