you can feel it

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    Tiki, I think you and me should go bowling

    tiki god

    I enjoy bowling, but only a single frame due to my poor back 🙁

    Alec Dalek

    That’s not how love works. You’re doing it wrong, or have never truly had it.


    I kinda understand that. but the last sentence makes no sense at all “you can feel every ounce of what was drain out of your entire body” .. wtf?


    “What was”= the feeling of being loved


    I think the feeling draining out is the validation felt from the other person being. The reason it doesnt feel like anything when they say they love you, is because there wasnt any love there, just relief of not being alone and feeling rejected.

    Luke Magnifico

    That’s where I’m ahead of the game…. most of the time, they don’t even leave me a note 🙁


    yea, that shit is hilarious.

    Big Green

    I to enjoy a good baw thread, let us have a baw theme day or something


    That’s what happens when you break up with a vampire.