how do i ruined franchises

how do i ruined franchises

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    Dude, stfu. Seriously, I get so sick of Starwars fantards bitching and whining that George Lucas ruined Star Wars. Hey, I got news for you guise, it’s his idea, it’s his story, and if he wants to make a movie STARRING Jar Jar Binks, well, good for him, no one’s forcing you to watch the shit.

    So please, stfu, it’s not like you retards own it, and it’s not like you guys can do any better, because, guess what, if tomorrow George Lucas released a movie, the whiny Star Wars Fantards would be going to see it anyways.

    Yes, I like Star Wars, but I also believe in creative rights in something a person created.


    Oh, please. That argument is akin to saying it would have been fine if Shakespeare went back & rewrote Romeo & Juliette so that the two lived happily ever, got married and had a dozen kids, one of whom grew up to be King of England. Creative lisence is one thing, destroying the spirit of something in the name of McDonalds tie-ins is quite another.


    agzed you confused me?


    Fuck you. Yes, he can do whatever the fuck he wants but I can still fucking hate him for it.

    Von Hiselin

    What you stated is true awfulintentions, but with age it is known that people start to suck, as Mr Lucas has so obviously done. American Graffiti kicked ass, but His boy Hayden Licks Taint….


    Speaking of Shakespeare, I would follow up the pic title with “…let me count the ways…”


    You’re a douche. Yes Star Wars and Indiana Jones were his franchises to ruin, but the underlying factor is: he ruined them.

    For Christ’s sake he turned the new Indiana Jones movie into a sci-fi film, because he still busts loads in his pants over aliens and outer space shit, ie Star Wars.

    Speilberg and Ford both rejected Lucas’s first 2 scripts for the new Indiana Jones movie, because they said it was too ‘sci-fi’ and that’s not what Indiana Jones’ movies are about. The theatrical version, the one they accepted, was a watered down version of his original script, cutting out a lot of the sci-fi parts, and still was labeled a sci-fi movie. Fuck him.


    MY problem is that the man throws a hissy fit all of the sudden about main characters making the first shot, presumably because shooting people is wrong, when the ONLY reason we all know his name because of an Idea OF HIS about an intergalactic WAR.

    I heard people shoot other people in Wars. Never been confirmed though.

    Alec Dalek

    Seriously, we need a rule where guys like Lucas have 7 years to do whatever they want with their film, then they have to stay the fuck away from it.

    They should let Patton Oswalt execute Lucas, and then make a new Star Was trilogy based on The Knights of The Old Republic.


    I feel like this will be a very unheard of approach. Try this. The man some fantastic movies, hold those with you and enjoy them. He has the right to do whatever the hell he wants with the series. Now he didnt ruin the series, the originals are still there. So I say, why not straighten out your painties and let it go. awfulintentions is nothing more than entirely correct. Another approach is, holy crap, they’re just movies.


    I enjoyed his guest appearance in SOUTH PARK…


    Woah, woah, woah… Hold on a moment…

    He’s not really making a movie STARRING Jar Jar Binks, is he?


    Personally, hes insane he can do what he wants and ill watch it lol.


    Even in his prime, Lucas should never have
    been a director. He is a visual story teller.
    We can all agree that the new trilogy had
    some fairly epic visuals, though strung
    together with lumps of steaming bull shit.
    In a perfect world, George should be producing
    his movies, providing the original story,
    and allow someone with bit more edge to
    do the screenplay and Directing. The formula worked great for’Empire’ and ‘Jedi’.
    Same reason all the expanded universe stuff is
    so great. The clone wars cartoons put
    the new trilogy to shame. As for the new
    Indiana Jones…. There is no excuse for that.
    However, if you allow his aging talent to have
    any effect on your memory of the classics,
    then you’ve been thinking too much. Relax.

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