obama supporters

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    Meh. Only people without brains would think that having common sense and knowledge would equal zombie and brainless. Try again.


    So what does that say about Palin/Beck/Trump supporters?

    Alec Dalek

    Sounds like the Tea Baggers were routing for bin Laden, and they’re pissed that the black guy had him whacked!

    Alec Dalek

    Also, why would they be interested in brains when they already have perfectly good ones? It’s the Tea Baggers that need to desperately seek out functioning brains. Zing!


    Obama’s the one without brains? Wasn’t McCain almost at the bottom of his graduating class? And it took 5 colleges for his VP to get her communications degree. Communications degree. You know, the one that college athletes study because they have no interest in actually going to college, just playing sports. I’m sure it’s not their fault though, because college and the like is full of nothing but intellectual liberal circle jerks.


    now would be a good time to compare gore with any Republican academically – you know … for balance and stuff?


    What’s with all the republican astroturf on MCS lately? I know the site needs a revenue stream, and the republican attack machine is there to provide it (to the tune of $100m), but if this keeps up I think I need to go somewhere else for my lols.

    Am I alone on this??

    Alec Dalek

    At least there’s no longer 117 boring posts a day from Casemods. It’s take Tea Bag trolls over him any day.


    Or Atkinson’s planes at nauseam.


    I’m not trying to talk for Tiki, but I think he’ll post anything that won’t get him arrested. This blog seems to be the most unmoderated moderated blog ever.

    tiki god



    Christ you guys are easy to troll.


    I’m actually shocked the reaction is this mild.


    Given the clobbering the Republicans received in the last election, they have understandably turned their efforts to social media and the Internet in preparation for the next. Sure a lot of it is simple trolling, but make no mistake that people are getting paid seed shit like this on sites frequented by the coveted 18-35 demographic. They’re getting good at it too.

    tiki god

    I’m assuming you’re forgetting / overlooking the midterm elections in which the dems got raped?


    Oh, not at all (Hence the last sentence). The Tea Party is fake grass.


    Oh, not at all (Hence the last sentence).


    This looks like a stock photo.

    There’s no way people of that many colors would stand together in a crowd.


    the bitch in the middle looks like a nutbag for sure. probably has cats and is on anti depressants.. i’d smack her in the teeth if she was yelling next to me like that.

    Alec Dalek

    What the hell is wrong with having pets and taking prescribed medication? Most americans, democrat and tea bagger, are doing one or both. You’ve got nothing!

    This is so dead on and you idiots can’t even see it.

    The zombies have no self awareness.






    I just ate the best cookie I’ve ever had.


    I’d say something about how the people in *this* particular political rally crowd scene appear to have full sets of teeth, but that would be rude.


    Any person that goes to any type of political rallies is a tool. I don’t give a fuck what politics you have. Politicians that do not set out to change how Washington DC works and the system itself are not fixing anything. The rich get richer, the poor eat ketchup and everyone else is watching what the TV tells them to. Oh hey, Jersey Shore is on…


    The poor must have unlimited amount of ketchup, just about everyone I see who is poor is a fucking fat fuck.

    Alec Dalek

    Bad food is cheaper than good food.

    Jac H

    Think Snookie will get naked this week?

    tiki god

    don’t get all crazy now


    Cause Tea-Partiers are so smart.
    (Tea Partiers are so dumb, they spell the N-word “Niggar”, for fuck’s sake.)


    All of them? They all spell it that way? You have access to their application forms maybe? Your amazing insight sweeps away the irrelevancies of statistics and probability. How very commendable of you to require that everyone spells it correctly. We don’t want any mistakes on that one!


    Except Republicans are more the zombies. Democrats are apparently more like vampires.


    It is easy to be a liberal. Just hear one of the trigger words (Bush, Tea Party, Christian, Fox, etc)and everybody spits and enjoys fellowship. The only thing holding anyone back from the peace of being one with the many is … well… critical thought.. integrity … honesty. The Democrats are a very ‘big tent’. You have room for the white southern faction that is fairly anti-black. You have room for most blacks of whom many are fairly anti-white. You have room for genius as evidenced by “Guam Tipper” and Biden and and the failed seminarian gone climate huckster gore.… Read more »