Greg Abbott Attacks Freedom of Private Businesses With Latest Vaccine Mandate Ban

Vaccines “must always be voluntary for Texans,” the Republican governor said in an executive order signed Monday


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    Only MCS chuckleheads would mis-title “freedom of private businesses” which would be much better named “preserving personal and private individual health decisions”.


    The party of anti-choice and pro-forced birth doesn’t ever get to declare that they’re “preserving personal and private individual health decisions”.

    tiki god

    Are you somehow saying that vaccine mandates are a new thing that society on a whole, has never encountered or supported before?

    Karl Lewis

    An individual who would only identify himself as “G.R.”, claiming to be a spokesman for Small Pox and Polio said Abbott’s action likely had come too late for both of his clients, but he was pleased that COVID-19, at least, would not suffer the same fate.


    Abbottoir is doing his best to turn his state blue via a very Machiavellian plan… he just doesn’t know it yet.

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