take your daily dose

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    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could read the text without a microscope.


    You should have listened to the doctor and taken your daily dose first.


    Pfft, tolerance is way overrated. Especially since it is usually one-sided.


    Counter indications: – If living in an environment ripe with religious bullshit, plain tolerance towards said bullshit will cost you your rights in the long run. We advise people living in these areas to ask their pharmacists for Selective Tolerance (R), which is infused with Human Rights Consciousness (1:3) and Skepticism (1:3). Dosage: – People with a severe religious infection can suffer brain damage from taking a whole pill of tolerance; it is advised here, to start with Tolerance Powder (R) at the lowest effective dose of 1 microgram. Treatment can take years in these severe cases and it is… Read more »


    “religious bullshit”

    take your daily dose


    We can’t get this where I live so I make my own with weed and computer games

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