battle star galactica last supper

battle star galactica last supper

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    casemods UID# 667

    Why are her tits all the way down there?


    don’t worry, when you will do your sex change surgery you can place your boobs wherever you like!

    casemods UID# 667



    I’ve heard a lot of good about this show. But I’ve also heard that it’s kind of a space soap opera.


    A friend “made” me watch 3-4 episodes and, considering I think stargate is a fucking total joke of shit actor soup, I thought it was quite immersive and impressive – I procrastinate watching certain tv series even if they are highly rated but once I force myself to get into a bit of routine of watching a couple without much of a gap, I end up demolishing them 3 at a time. Point? worth a go IMO – should give it another go myself.


    Thanks, I just think I might.


    I really don’t watch TV but I watched the whole series and then bought it on DVD. There’s a battle scene in the second season which is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on TV or in a movie.


    You’ve got me intrigued now 🙂

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