bioshock 2

bioshock 2

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    on sale at steam today for 5 bucks


    Yup, I bought it and Bioshock 1 for $5 each last night. I never got around to playing through the first game on my 360 because I suck at FPS games, but I still want to play them, and this was way too good a deal to pass up.


    You don’t need to be good at FPS games to enjoy Bioshock. Actually, you’ll enjoy it more because those who do play a lot of FPSes complain about the controls.


    Expert long term pc fps-er here (system shock, novastorm, mega race)

    I find the weapon/magic power thingy switcher very annoying and hard to use.

    So much so, in fact, that I didn’t even finish the game. It was more hyped up from most people not being able to play it (direct x issue).

    The story structure is very good though.



    Damn. Well, at least I’m grabbing Borderlands for extra cheap tonight.


    You do know that there is no keychecker and that you can play co-op for free? Btw there is no vs afaik, just single player and co-op.

    And it’s a rpg fps….you level up and stuff…still pretty fun tho

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