Evolution is suicide

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    “…so go kill yourself instead of post shit like this.”
    That’s only one possible answer for this post.

    Alec Dalek

    What a stupid post. Whomever created this never heard of fun. Must be a fundie.

    Gary Generic

    Life is pointless only when weighed against an Eternity in the Afterlife.

    Wipe away the intolerance and the superstitions of religion and we’re left only with the scientific knowledge that life evolved from stars, and that the universe is far more amazing and inspiring than the petulant, misogynist “Creator” in the Bible could possibly imagine.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The afterlife, as described by most religions, is stupid and pointless. I would rather die permanently than spend eternity in choir practice.


    First of all, you probably don’t understand evolution. Secondly, you don’t understand life.


    Stupid and pointless, maybe, but not really. Just not preoccupied with stupid and pointless religions.


    Wait, so if life is pointless, why put a bunch of non pointless things in life under the second line? I think this might be satirical. Or just stupid.