America Motivational

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Fuck Yeah!

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    An “America, Fuck Yeah” poster drawn in Japanese anime style? ( Nothing against anime, just not the style I’d shoot for if you wanna go for “America, fuck yeah!” )


    My thoughts exactly!


    This probably more of a representation of how the rest of the world views the US.


    Well as an outside observer I think of a bunch of relatively smart people locked in a passionate but ultimately futile debate with each other based almost purely on the political party they support. It would be hard to picture the average american because you do have so many cultures no one picture would encompass the whole. I think that the idea of eating fast food and dressing up as the American flag and having a firearm is probably how other countries would ignorantly portray an american. I do not really agree with the carefree anime depiction, If I had… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    She’d need to be 200lbs heavier.

    tiki god

    are you aware of what america did to japan?


    Of course I do. We woke up Godzilla with a nuclear bomb.