National Personification: THE WEBCOMIC!

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“Scandinavia and the World” is a webcomic where-in the history and modern day politics of the countries are played out as if they’re all on some messed up anime sitcom (yes, not unlike “Hetalia: Axis Powers” if you know what the hell that is). Your usual Deviantard wank-fest stuff, but some of the strips are kind of funny.

Here’s some of the ones featuring America.

Not included: the running joke of Denmark being REALLY racist without ever realizing it. And Sweden’s sister being a total slut.

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    I want to do little sister. And her little dog too.


    is that a Wizard of Oz reference?

    also, HA! I just got it that America is “big brother”


    America is captured perfectly.


    The Canadian reminds me of our good Canadian friend who posts here.


    It’s totally true about Sweden’s sister – luckily, she’s pretty good in bed as well. I’d do her again.


    Humon does another comic about a bisexual Bond-style villain. On occasion he has to make the dude do something horrible so people remember he’s the bad guy.