superman is destructive

superman is destructive

hey superman.  maybe you can pay to fix that poor dude’s door, eh?

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    Supaman gittin’ crunk, yo.


    Supes has a point. It WAS that guy’s idea.


    What Superman is this?
    Note the boots and lack of the yellow S on his cape.


    Why is Superman wearing ballet shoes?


    Taken from the website Comic Coverage by Mark Engblom: With the exception of the Phantom (who’d been appearing in newspaper comic strips since 1936), there weren’t any “costume standards” for Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to follow as they created a look for Superman…so they turned to the past for inspiration. The result was a crazy-quilt of colorful wardrobe elements taken from circus acrobats, science fiction heroes, and ancient strongmen…most of which remains unchanged seventy years later. The only elements of the original costume that saw immediate change were its primitive triangular S-symbol (which continued to evolve through the 1940’s)… Read more »


    Great informational tidbit. Thanks.

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