atheist bus advert

atheist bus advert

hahah, probably, sure.  and there’s probably no snakes in my pants.


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    But what if adults *need* an omnipresent father figure to hold their hand?


    Christianity? Yuk.


    can’t see it, guess i believe in god 🙁


    So, you can’t enjoy life if you have religion? Guess I’ve been doing it wrong all these years then.


    No, you cant! It’s written. On the bus.

    Looks like you did it wrong all tie time! But hey, it’s not too late 🙂


    Looks more like a subway – notice the tiled walls and place names at convenient eye level?


    Yup, this is on the London underground. Part of some campaign fronted by Richard Dawkins, amongst others.


    Looks like you can enjoy life without reading comprehension too! Ignorance is fun.


    “Probably”? Nice troll, but needs moar conviction.


    That’s what you get when religious people put restrictions on ads.


    forget your petty false gods and embrace the truth that only the CHAOS GODS can provide


    The Great Unclean One is quite appealing – but Slaanesh really knows how to party.


    The power of belief is strong.


    as an atheist i always founded these “atheism commercials” rather weak structured. you can’t just bring rationality to people by such statements.


    Atheist arguments are always weak. There is people out there that have faith and belief with more conviction and power than regular joe believes in reality. Yet atheists best argument is ‘Nah its probably nothing’?? Do they really think this is going to change anyones mind? I think this atheist marketing campaign is like an ‘anti-campaign’ by the church. Like if I said ‘Dont think about sex!’ you automatically think about sex. This is the church placing seeds in the minds of people that don’t even consider religion. Atheists are harmless. Also – seeing as atheism is “rejection of belief… Read more »


    If an atheist have to research all religions, so must all religious people.

    I guess you’re the one with the weak argument this time (again).


    >If an atheist have to research all religions, so must all religious people.

    Damn right. How can they be so sure without considering the options?

    You are quick to judge… again. Are you a christian by any chance?


    I don’t judge you on this latest comment alone, and you have written nothing to impress me so far.


    So you do judge me? Shame on you, you’ve never even met me.

    I know its hard to believe, but I am not trying to impress you.

    Consider this; you have read all my crazy little comments (which are more catalysts for thought and debate than solid belief) – but only responded by poking fun? This is the internet – I wouldn’t be here if words could harm me.


    Yeah, considering how little you’ve gotten right so far there’s really no other position you can take. You are wrong about atheists having to research all religions by the way. Atheists don’t claim absolute knowledge about the existence of all the gods out there, just a lack of belief. That’s the default position of all sensible people. Of the two of us, I’m the one sticking to the argument rather than poking fun. You’re the one seemingly teetering around the middle without any real opinion. That’s the way of a coward. Write it off as just goofing around on the… Read more »


    I do actually do a lot of research on religions across the globe, and I have to say that I haven’t seen anything that has struck my fancy


    Someone please explain. Is there supposed to be a picture here? What is this quote referring to? I feel scared and alone.

    Oh wait! That’s it isn’t it?

    No, that’s not it. Fuck!