Dead Space 2

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Awesome game, I would recommend this to anyone into horror movies and enjoys a difficult but extremely fun video game.

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I refuse to buy this game based on the “your mom will hate this” ads alone.


    And the multiplayer is pretty decent


    Loved the first one and this game. The story in this one is better than the first imo. Did the end “battle” remind anyone else of the ending to Fear 2? It felt almost identical to me.


    Difficult? someone must not enjoy playing it on easy..thats why I’m doing and haven’t run out of health or ammo yet. The game is very fun! I like it a lot better than Dead Space 1..the linear approach is much welcome, helps you enjoy the game more when you don’t have to backtrack or go all over the place. Every time I play it, my hands start to sweat a little b/c of the tension..


    So it is as linear as people are saying? I haven’t bought it yet because that’s a huge turn-off for me. I felt so much more like I was trapped in a situation when I had to run back and forth across the ship and visit areas multiple times.


    It’s linear, but not in a super traditional sense. I find it to be much like it’s predecessor. You can run around your little area, but in this one it’s catastrophic events rather than taking the tram that cuts you off from other places. It’s certainly more directed, but its not on rails.


    It’s certainly tons of fun, but I’m not finding it all too difficult. I’m on zealot, and though health is scarce, I always have tons of money for new weapons and suits. Ammo runs a bit low from time to time, but I’m never without a back up. I think I’d like it more if the melee functions took more of a role in combat. Kinesis makes for a formidable weapon as well. My only real criticism is that it feels like you become invincible in the parts where you’re immobile, like when you’re hanging from the crashed tram or being dragged by a necromorph. Like, the thing is swinging you around by your legs but you don’t take much damage. I know it goes against the traditional game mechanics, but the cutscenes where you take damage should actually damage you to a set point. I’m really hoping hardcore is going to give me more of a run for my money.

    casemods UID# 667

    I’ll be torrenting this today, thanks for the suggestion.


    So you have enough money to spend on your shitty cars, your shitty bikes, your shitty computer, and your shitty whore, but you can’t spare $60+tax for a quality video game? Get strangled in one of your shitty hoodies.



    casemods UID# 667

    I’ll buy it when it’s on sale for $5 on steam, just like I did with GTAIV and bad company 2.

    Wasting $60 on a video game is just retarded when I get get it for free and decide if I even like it first.

    That’s what I do with all games.

    This is also why I wait 2 years to buy games/hardware.

    You can get games with ALL of their expansions and addons plus the hardware to max it out for more than half what it cost new.

    “herp derp if I pre-order, I’ll get that everyone else is a noob experience”

    Herp derp I would rather play with people who still enjoy the game and don’t just move onto whatever new game is out.

    It’s a shame what they did to original avp2


    God forbid that you actually give the company who made it money so that they can make more of such games.


    Do you really get a foam finger as a weapon if you beat it on it’s highest setting?


    Those sound effects made my day

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