X-Wing on Patrol

D._K._Patrol_1680x1050.jpg (356 KB)

Not sure of the source, or even whether or not it’s actually an X-Wing…

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    It’s not an X-Wing. Maybe a Z-95 Headhunter, but more likely another random sci-fi ship.


    Upon closer inspection, it’s definitely a Headhunter.


    It is very close to an X-wing. It is the same, minus the dual lasers on the dual wings, and minus an astromech droid (i.e. R2-D2) Clearly of Star Wars origin, whatever the artist’s intent was.


    I’m gonna side with the Z-95 Headhunter vote.


    No. It’s a star fleet Enterprise from the Battlestar Galatica shows. DURR!


    AS dmytriw-wds said.

    Clearly it is a Z-95 Head Hunter, there is no slot for an astromech droid. Although an astromech droid is not strictly needed, the fact that an X-Wing has limited hyperspace capability is really the only excuses for the extra expense.

    @ bushman: it is not close to a X-Wing. The Z-95 is the predecessor, it does not have adjustable S-foils, and it does not have lasers, but two sets of triple blasters. It also lacks a hyper-drive, and has somewhat better in atmosphere performance, due to the decreased windrag.