Lyrics Have Gone Downhill

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    I don’t think so. Good lyrics are still being written, the only difference is that it doesn’t take good lyrics to be famous any more. It does say a lot about this generation but bad lyrics, and I can speak only for myself, have never taken away from my enjoyment of what I consider to be good lyrics. So baptise me in the stars And wrap me in nighttime Moon blue Pupil my sight with orange balls of light And echo my plight Through the corridors of metaphor What else are we living for if not to create Fiction and… Read more »


    Yeah that’s what I meant. Now that I reread my comment it sounds a little funny though, what I meant is that all the bad music doesn’t bother me, I don’t listen to any radio stations that play mainstream music and I don’t have a TV, the only time I’m exposed to MM is when I choose to. Also based on what I keep finding on the Internet, the amount of good musicians is endless, both classics and semi new ones. Mumford and Sons are fantastic, I would have known that you like them even if you hand’t told me.… Read more »


    Or just a specific genre that’s gone downhill (Well, that genre was never really much up from the bottom of the hill to begin with…). Known as (c)rap… ( Or maybe rap(e), as a description of what it does to the ears )


    Bullshit. It’s only mainstream rap that is shit, as with any other genre. There is a whole culture of rap that TV doesn’t show you, the purely poetic rap, the liberal rap and even the secular rap.
    Such as Saul Williams, Sage Francis, Atmosphere, doseone, Sole, Aesop Rock, Why?, Jurassic 5, The Roots, Matisyahu, MF Doom, Dan Le Sac, K-Os, Madlib, Deltron 3030 – any of these sound familiar yet? If no then perhaps it’s not a good idea to make generalisations like that.


    I dont know one single name you just listed. Not one.


    Yeah mate, that was my point. The masses are only exposed to mainstream rap, they’re not going to be familiar with anything else unless they search for it. Is Korn a good representation of what rock has to offer? No? Neither is Jay Z in regards to rap. Step out of your comfort zone and give this a try,


    I’m not surprised that isn’t mainstream, as it isn’t *music* and it isn’t good.

    Anyone can write poetry that impresses a music snob with a distaste for anything that’s not obscure.


    Wait are you trying to tell me that rap alone isn’t music? I would have never guessed. Since we were comparing lyrical talent I thought a rap alone would do. I’m not sure what’s supposed to be obscure about it or how you can claim I’m a music snob based on one single poem that I like.
    And it’s not mainstream because it doesn’t mention guns bitches bling, sorry about that.


    That thing you linked to isn’t music, and that’s one of two reasons it’s not mainstream.

    You may not have said that you’re a music snob, but in what you’ve written it’s implied that you know better than the unwashed masses that only listen to what they’re fed through MTV. That might not have been your intention, but it’s how you come across.

    Next time you express yourself on this subject you might want to consider that the music you like isn’t very good instead of resorting to explanations sounding very much like conspiracy theories.


    I never claimed it was music, it’s a poem by a rapper. He has songs where he composed the music and other things and he’s still not mainstream. Mainly because he’s an atheist and a harsh critic of his government. What about Jay Z being mainstream is a conspiracy theory? Where do you think Aquaman came across this guy? The TV or the radio. I honestly don’t know what you’re going on about there. Aren’t you the same guy who was impressed that I could spell Dostoevsky’s name? You know what, I think you just enjoy disregarding anything that has… Read more »


    If you know it’s not music, then my original statement shouldn’t have confused you. Glad we’ve got that sorted out. Regarding your reasons sounding like conspiracy theories, you added more in your most recent reply, regarding his atheism. It’s excuses. “Aren’t you the same guy who was impressed that I could spell Dostoevsky’s name? You know what, I think you just enjoy disregarding anything that has depth by calling it obscure.” Don’t make yourself look more of a fool and take a joke of mine and try to make it into an attempt at a comeback. And don’t assume that… Read more »


    Haha oh man you really are dense. When was the last time MTV promoted atheism or anything secular. When was the last time the majority of people were interested or approved of criticising the government? Look at any top 10 charts and tell me how much of their lyrics is about anything substantial. There’s no conspiracy theory here unless you can show me what the unlikely theory about this is. People enjoy Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, i.e. dumb stuff, end of fucking story. And I think you’re just trying to make excuses because you’re illiterate. See the problem is… Read more »


    “People enjoy Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, i.e. dumb stuff, end of fucking story.” My point is that Britney and Bieber have better music than the stuff you’re listening to, which is why they’re mainstream, not because of atheism and disagreeing politics. Perhaps I haven’t made this clear before, but I’ll assume that you’ve understood it after having read this reply. If the music is good enough, it won’t matter that it calls out the USAdish government, as Eminem and Rage Against the Machine have done. That much is obvious to me, although I don’t understand why it is not… Read more »


    I didn’t know there was a video for it, it’s gorgeous. I wish record vans were real.


    One thing to consider is that, in general, the music we listen to from the before time are the good ones. If you were actually listening to radio (am and fm at the time) you’d be commenting on how the lyrics and technical ability of the bands were terrible.

    Luke Magnifico

    Yes… but what do those lyrics mean?


    All I can give you is my interpretation but you’d have to listen to the whole thing to get a better idea, I chose this part only for its poetic beauty.
    He is ridiculing the idolisation of deities while praising independence and art. The stuff about stars, light and in other parts he mentions earth and nature – are a metaphor for relying only on the laws of nature, that it’s all you need to be illuminated. Most of his stuff is about this kind of thing, it’s pretty sweet.


    It says something very good about you that you lead-in with Saul Williams. +1

    casemods UID# 667

    All of my love would have been a better reference.

    The beat is a lot better and sophisticated.

    But new music is supposed to be party music.

    Stuff from the 70’s was to get stoned to, mostly


    “Stuff from the 70?s was to get stoned to, mostly”


    in the 70s, you weren’t even the shadow of the dream of a zygote.
    The vast majority of music was to dance and have teh sex to.


    Nothing deserves to be compared to bad hip-hop.


    derp derp derp Pretty much like DieA said, mainstream music has been mostly bullshit for the last decade, perhaps even longer. But there is still an immense amount of brilliant music being made every year. And thanks to the internet, we have the power to ignore the shit designed for the masses that gets played on TV and Radio, and discover the music that speaks to you as an individual. This year alone I have discovered more music that I love than ever before. And most of it is fairly recent, as in released in the last decade or so.… Read more »


    Clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst Out at you from their hiding place Like acid and oil on a madman’s face His reason tends to fly away Like lesser birds on the four winds Like silver scrapes in May And now the sand’s become a crust Most of you have gone away Come Susie dear, let’s take a walk Just out there upon the beach I know you’ll soon be married And you’ll want to know where winds come from Well it’s never said at all On the map that Carrie reads Behind the clock back there you know At… Read more »


    In twenty years people will be comparing these lyrics to whatever lyrics are around then.




    Your faulty logic annoys me. I’m not saying that you couldn’t be right, but you could’ve picked a better song for comparison (i.e., something in the same general genre). Fly like a G6 is a party song, a club song; lyrics aren’t supposed to be so important, it’s meant to make you move (and it does just that). For comparison, Van McCoy’s “The Hustle” (1975) Look here’s a dance So old it’s new ‘Cause trash disco is seventies cool Like country line dance, to some it’s fine Sadly though, you gotta lose your mind Get organized, discipline is fun I… Read more »






    Luke Magnifico





    See, now those are the kind of lyrics we are condemning.




    I’m not saying this is poetic or genius, but Marshall Mathers’ lyrics can get me amped. from ‘No Love’ I love to bump this in my mercedes 😉 I’m alive again More alive than I have been in my whole entire life I can see these people’s ears perk up as I begin To spaz with the pen, I’m a little bit sicker than most Shit’s finna get thick again They say the competition is stiff But I get a hard dick from this shit, now stick it in I ain’t never giving in again Caution to the wind, complete… Read more »


    “shit” multiple times
    “fuck” multiple times
    you are right Texan. Neither poetic nor genius.


    Not that those words can’t be used to get a good message across though.

    Swearing can be a good thing!


    Best. Troll. Evar.

    Eat your heart out casemeth.