NZXT hades case – $50

NZXT-Hades-beauty_full.jpg (154 KB)

NZXT-Hades-guts_full.jpg (271 KB)

NZXT-callout_full.jpg (851 KB)

nzxthadescase4l.jpg (158 KB)

nzxthadescase5l.jpg (232 KB)

Buying this case today (hopefully)

Epic cable management

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    I have this case and put a small cloud on it. It’s very plastic-y. If you get it don’t force in parts or over-tighten or you’ll crack the case.


    I’m looking at the NZXT Phantom. I love how they route the cables behind the motherboard mount


    I’m actually building a new PC


    Well right now I have the GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R MoBo, a GTX 480, a Western Digital 1TB HD, and a 800w PS. I’ll have to wait till I get paid to get the rest.


    Lian-li PC-A71 – for those of us too cool and special to have angles and lights


    I think it looks much classier and sophisticated than that weird cylon looking case you’re getting & the Lian Li accommodates 6 120mm fans in an all aluminum enclosure, so it’s safe to say cooling isn’t going to be a problem with this. “Dual intake fans, dual “push” fans to cool your graphics card, then again dual exhaust fans out the rear…….not to mention the optional dual fans for the top of the case. Lots of noiseless fans that cool all the important parts of your system and without being intrusive or foolishly-placed is a refreshing sight to see.” I’m… Read more »


    “Looks Classier and Sophisticated”

    Fucking Mac Fag


    I prefer the name “Techno Whore” since I have 2 OC’d Windows 7 systems, 3 more Windows XP boxes, a Mac Mini mainly running Plex to use as my HTPC, an iPad (for the wife), a Dual Core Atom FreeNAS server, a laptop running openSUSE & my G1 running Cyanogen CM6.1 Android ROM.

    Surprisingly, I hate using the Apple systems the most.

    And you know what looks even more classier and more sophisticated? This guy:


    god thats beautiful


    what happened to that “EPIC” case you had? the one with the vertical mounted rom? just more wasted cash….


    Just remember to wipe down that metallic-vagina front panel when you’re through, Case.


    Too small to fit all my hardware, I had to go with a full tower. Black Thermaltake Armor+


    On second thought… do you even play any games with your custom computers? If so, which ones?


    where they sell this case nzxt?