Profit vs. Humanity

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    And yet, incredibly, it’s still entirely possible to be both.


    Love me some profit.


    If there’s wisdom in this picture, it escapes me entirely.


    No wisdom, just left-wing propaganda of the most simple-minded kind.

    And the “Real Madrid vs Barça” part screams “Eurotrash!!!” to boot. (And I Spanish.)


    The concept that much of the inhumanity in this world is fueled by a desire for profit is neither new or propaganda, it’s simply a historical fact.

    Everyone likes profit -It’s just a question of how much inhumanity you’re willing to put up with to get it.


    Out,if there’s any proof we came from animals, it’s the way groups of humans conspire against each other…cold and without mercy. Cheers.


    The second you use right or left labeling you identify yourself as part of the masses that just doesn’t get it. Oh yeah the game is rigged, but that’s no reason to cheer on the destroyers…


    Huh. I thought profit was derived by providing a good or service that others wanted. This is simplistic drivel.


    There profits and then there are PROFITS.
    Look up Usery…


    If you honestly think that the conflicts in the middle east have nothing to do with their religious beliefs, you are sadly disconnected from reality.


    I cant imagine there being much money in suicide bombings, or ethnic cleansing, or the slaughter of apostates or the ban on condoms or the insistence that some people have a divine claim on a spot of land. Sure they’re supported by the governments in power but I’m not sure if they’re bringing much money in.


    It’s a little known fact that the arms industry recently traveled back in time and founded all the abrahamitic religions, just to be able to sell more guns.

    My IQ is 2

    Capitalism Vs Nature. The bourgeoisie must establish connections everywhere, nestle everywhere, and will chase markets to the ends of the globe. The U.S. is in so much debt, yet the world economy relies on our consumption of imported goods, in which most is fueled by outsourcing, thus pissing off Americans, who are currently suffering from a declining job market.


    I’m with the band.


    Those greedy Wind bastards, always keeping the oil people down for their profits