My shot at a zombie template

zombie.jpg (320 KB)

I don’t think any of this needs any explination, it all seems pretty straightforward.
Some inspiration for the items came from my own surroundings. I own a pair of goggles that look exactly like that, I have a messenger bag like that except in black and I have a pair of shoes very similar to those (a few spots of black). I also consume an obscene amount of red vines. I was also listening to smodcast at the time (while eating red vines).
Yeah, I’m a pretty cool guy.

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    You should choose a better primary.


    Yeah, it should be something you own. And shotguns are a bad idea anyway because everybody/thing within a mile can hear them.


    That’s true of most firearms. So you’ll need a suppressor. Also, .22s aren’t very loud in comparison, in addition to having lighter ammo. Also, lulz at your final boss.


    I think the best thing for zombie defense might be to go as an ODST from Halo 3: ODST. Supressed SMG and pistol with scopes, a visor that can pick good guys from bad guys at night. Seems like it would be pretty useful.


    The Nerv bag rocks… the rest, not so much.


    A light survival rig too.

    And ditch that car man.


    vince, why do you have a big black dildo in your inventory?


    I would swap the Mach 5 for the Landmaster from Damnation alley. Better ground clearance for driving over corpses.

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