What I want my jimmy to look like

131_0906_02_z+may_2009_4x4_trucks+1996_gmc_jimmy.jpg (85 KB)

moving to the snow.

How badass would this be?

$1,200 badass just to lift it, that’s how badass.

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    $1200 is cheap. It’s going to cost more than that to get it towed out of a ditch when you tip it over.


    you should pull it into the garage, jack up the radiator cap, and park something non-shitty under it, then lower the radiator cap. make sure you fasten it on well so the coolant doesnt leak


    I hope you roll it on Highway 17.


    For bonus points, raise it so high you can’t get it out of your garage. Note: this has actually happened.


    Yes it has. I had a friend build a Jeep pickup so tall, (48″ tractor tires), they had to disassemble the garage door, and the front of the garage… and then reassemble it before his parents got home.


    In my case, someone told me a story about how he and some friends raised his friend’s truck slightly to high to get it out of the garage, so they just put heavy stuff in the truck until it was weighed down enough to get out the door.


    Post that up on www.pirate4x4.com/forum/index.php

    They would enjoy your posts there.


    $2,655.99 for a 6 inch lift for mine…. So consider yourself lucky…

    Of course go ahead and tell any true off-road guy that you did it just for the looks…


    If you really want to go in the snow- buy narrow studded snow tires and put them on seperate rims. (More weight per square inch of contact = better traction on ice.) I lived in Alaska for 20 years- and I never needed four wheel drive. Neither did my Mom. LOL

    Luke Magnifico



    The bigger the truck, the smaller the dick.


    sir you are soo right about this one


    nuff said

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