Preparedness Motivational

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Has finally been achieved.


Because those goddamn zombies aren’t going to kill themselves.


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    DO NOT lose the key to that locker!


    this gut is my hero


    Variety Failure.

    Ar-15’s are like the Honda Civic of guns: Everyone’s got one, there are a crap ton of parts available, and posers love them.

    Not saying they can’t be cool, but dude has a few too many…


    because it’s part of a picture for a military armory, newfags always have their guns on display to shine off their ego


    My thoughts exactly


    Call me silly; but, in the event of actually needing long-term sustainable firepower; having lots of spare parts for solidly designed guns using common ammo, just kind of makes sense.

    Need more full clips.


    Which would make sense except that the comparison breaks down in that the AR-15 is not the most ideal gun to have for an apocalypse scenario. They were built to precise tolerances, and as we found out in Vietnam, if they are not cleaned regularly and completely, they become horribly unreliable.

    Also, 5.56mm bullets are really, really small. They’re more of a penetrator round.

    If you’re fighting zombies, you want a bullet with more mass, as it imparts more kinetic energy into the thing you hit. Putting holes in zombies is pointless. You want something that can potentially knock one down.

    Me? I’d go with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with slugs. Good range, huge rounds, and a pump-action is less likely to jam than a semi-auto.

    Tiggle Bitties



    … I do want to shoot a horde of incoming zombies having seen that.




    My personal thought is that you halve the number of guns – I mean we must be talking ridiculous redundancy. Course I could be wrong – I’m no gun expert – them’s big and them’s small guns. 🙂

    Then I’d put the created space to use for extra ammo.


    >Because those goddamn zombies aren’t going to kill themselves.

    Of course not, they’re dead already. That’s how they became zombies.

    BTW- shotguns are better against the undead.

    Luke Magnifico

    Hunting rifles are best, shotguns are only good in a situation you don’t want to be in – close quarters.


    This guy knows what he is talking about. If you can aim then you want to stay at range and keep moving. If you can’t aim, you want to hold on to that shotgun for emergencies and stick close to the guy who can aim.

    I am just hoping that years of video games will make me pretty good at head shots, but I am pretty sure they will not.


    Nowhere near enough ammo

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