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At the request of jeffapotimus, I am uploading pictures of my own cats.

#1 is choo-choo bear, named after the cat from SomethingPositive. She is a mixed breed, mostly Maine Coon, I’m hoping she’ll grow to the size of a medium sized dog.

#2 choo-choo bear as a baby. Aww, baby kitty.

#3 is Mew, named after the pokemon and mostly because that’s the only noise she made for three days straight after I brought her home.

#4 Lazy kitties.

#5 they did not get along that great in the beginning. Mew is a little over a year old now and choo-choo bear is just past two years old. They have…an understanding, of each other.

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    At first I freaked because I though the first picture was one of that “faceless” cat.


    choochoo bear is a badass


    I only see four pictures.