shuttle cloud launch wallpaper

shuttle cloud launch wallpaper

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    I had the opportunity to see the last night shuttle launch. I cannot put into words what the experience was like (this was also my first launch viewing). There are only two left and I **HIGHLY** suggest that all of you make plans to see them. Travel if you don’t live in Florida, put the tickets on your credit card if you don’t have the cash – just get here and see it. It is a memory you will have until you die.

    Not sure about going? Here’s a quick story. The launch I went to was scrubbed the first night (Sunday morning at 4am). I was supposed to work on Monday and there was no way I could see it when it was rescheduled (Monday morning at 4am) and still drive the 4 hours back to work and work all day. I called in. I took a ton of shit for it when I got back. Here’s how I made the decision:

    It’s the last night launch of the space shuttle program. Ever. In the history of the planet there will never be another. I have two choices
    a) Stay, watch it, have the memory when I’m 95, and damn the consequences at work
    b) Leave, miss it, have the regret when I’m 95 that I went to work instead at a place I can’t even remember when I’m 95.

    Seriously, go see the damn thing. Two launches left. Next one is November 1st and I’ll be there (with my parents, who have never seen a launch).

    tiki god

    I like like 3 hours away, and the only reason I’m not planning on going down there is that they’re so undependable. like I’m going to drive 6 hours round trip just for a weather delay?

    funk that


    I was there too, at the space park. Cold as goddamn fuck too. I seriously plan on making the next ones. Where I live, I can practically see them by walking out of the house, but it’s a bit north.

    Yeah, Tiki. It was a two hour ride for me, one way. And they canceled it twice, AND IT WAS COLD AS FUCK! Can I reiterate that here? I’m more Floridian now than I am Ohioan, that’s for sure when it comes to cold weather.

    Oh, and if it gets approved, there’s a third mission that may be flown as well.


    I was fortunate and saw the first night flight (Challenger) from Daytona Beach in 1983.
    Even from 50 miles away it was awesome, on liftoff the sky looked like a small sunrise and you could even see the auxiliary tanks drop.


    I’ve lived in Florida all my life, prior to going into the military. Seen my share, that’s for sure. I saw Challenger blow up, and that was from the grass outside my classroom. Never was too impressed. Then I saw STS-126 with my son. There was a cloud cover just like in the picture and it was at night also. (what launch is THIS anyway) The cloud were lit from below, and you could see the reverberation from the sound off of the bottom of the clouds. It was truly amazing. I have seen tons of things that would give you chills, being in the military, and this was by far the most awe-inspiring thing ever. Now I download the HD versions of launches and watch them with my son. He knows the sequence by heart, radio calls and all. Seriously, sell the boat, the XBOX collection or first born… go see the launch.

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