constitution class starship layout

constitution class starship layout

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    What’s the point if there’s no holo deck?


    I used to have the technical guide. This is not accurate. What it calls the planetary sensor dome is actually the Captain’s Yacht (an attached vehicle which was supposed to be used in some shows, but got replaced by long-range shuttle craft because they’d already payed for models of those).

    tiki god

    well, 1 – you’re assuming that all constitution class starships are the same, I’m pretty sure that in that same tech manual them mention that most starships are modular in design, 2 – this looks to be from the Drex files one of the guys that actually worked on TOS, along with the guy that’s listed on the image itself. it may be an unused layout or whatever, I dunno.

    but I like it


    Sweet mother of warp acceleration this is nice, excellent size too!