Fun with Maps

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Via Speaking of Faith
1. Churches, Bowling, Guns and Strip Clubs
2. Adventist, Amish, Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Latter Day Saints, Lutheran, Methodist, Orthodox, Presbyterian
3. Christianity, Catholic, Orthodox and Pentecostal
4. Allah, Jesus, Hindu and Buddha
5. Allah, Jesus, Hindu and Buddha…and Sex

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    weird because gun laws in CA are whack


    Which actually might make sense why more people are searching Google for info on them. I know I have, and I’m in CA. The data shown just reflect what gets Googled more in a particular area. Having whack laws makes you have to research what you can and can’t buy, hence lots of searching.


    there are not that many strip clubs in NW Vermont for sure


    The UK is showing as more catholic, really not sure about that. 3rd one just seems wrong.


    England is certainly protestant not catholic.


    false. It says we have a lot of strip clubs on all the islands here in hawaii, when the only island legally allowed to have strip clubs is Oahu… sooo I call bullshit.


    No it says people search more for strip clubs, you say you read the key to the map, but I call bullshit.


    ok, then maybe folks in NW Vermont are searching for all the Montreal strip clubs then..
    who let all the children on the internet?