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    Nothing like outnumbering and blocking the police to completely surrounding them and denying them of the ability to leave with suspects they’ve arrested for breaking the law in order to provoke a response from them that they were informed was going to happen several times, individually, by the leading officer, in order to come up with footage that would be presented without proper context to convey an incorrect message that the protesters were pepper sprayed without warning and just cause.

    Fucking hippies, they deserved what they got: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJSxg5ZaCI4


    So nonviolence has to lead to violence. Yeah, that makes so much fucking sense.


    If you watched the video and came to this conclusion then I respect your opinion. Personally, I would’ve resorted to more aggressive means to remove them (some have commented they would’ve just removed them one by one) since they were in essence holding the police officers against their will (yeah, they have guns, blah blah, I get that). If you didn’t watch the video and believe everything you see on the news then you’re more than welcome to come by my house and sit in front of my door to see what kind of means I will resort to to… Read more »


    Direct from the Police Academy instructors I attended lectures from: Use of Force Continuum. The protestors were at the level of passive resistance, not directly engaging the officers with physical force, but impeding them in clearing the space. The use of soft physical control was equivalent action, which yes, is arresting them one-by-one and hauling them off in links. While it is a myth that officers *must* use lowest force possible before escalating to the next level, they are aware that escalation is on their heads if they cause it. The officer chose a course of action widely seen as… Read more »