They KNOW.

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    it’s cuz you’re driving in the wrong lane


    i still have buttloads of these stoner cartoons. Thinking I should post them so haters can hate some moar


    maybe they know, but do they

    1) care?
    2) have something else on you?
    3) have other places to be?

    my impression is that most of ’em don’t care as long as you’re not doing something else illegal, and besides that, cannabis makes you a better driver anyway, so i don’t worry about it so much.


    Not sure about other places, but Australian cops have a quota. It means if you haven’t given out enough fines, you have to start handing out fines for jaywalking, swearing, and search any young person’s car because they probably have drugs. Had a friend who got pulled over for overtaking (lol) and they nearly pulled her car apart to search it. Found nothing, she wasn’t intoxicated in any way. Kinda defeats the purpose of having police if people are expected to be doing the wrong thing, but hey, it does give people more reasons to be nervous around cops.


    AFAIK, police quota systems are supposed to be illegal in most jurisdictions in the U.S., but, then again, so is smoking pot, and they each work out about the same in practice….


    get your windows tinted, they wont know.