Argument Pyramid

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    Outdated, ad hominems used to be considered a fallacy but some of the latest books on this topic such as the one from Cambridge have questioned it and explained that an ad hominem can very well be a good argument if it’s relevant. Also an ad hominem can be used while one addresses the substance of the argument. I think I’m arguing against an argument pyramid, I can’t help myself someone slap me.


    I doubt that. Referring to WHO the person is might be useful in determining the veracity of the claim, but doesn’t change what is being said. It doesn’t matter if Hitler, a creationist, or casemod is saying it; truth is independent of who is saying it.


    I didn’t say that an ad hominem changes what is being said or that truth is dependent of the person uttering it. You’d have no reason to doubt what I said if you had addressed what I actually said. “Theorists are careful to distinguish between simple attacks on character – X is a known drunk so X is a bad person – and the questioning of a person’s argument or advocacy of a proposition because of some characteristic or circumstance of the person. Brinton draws attention to three elements that might be confused: the person, the person’s advocacy of a… Read more »

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    He’s right. Ad hominem can be a valuable argument technique used in attacking the subject’s credibility especially in cases where a careful observation of some personal fact can thwart their entire credibility such as in cases where the subject is a jew, nigro, or other undesirable such as a mexicunt. Any argument made by one of those animals is invalidated by their lack of humanity. Ergo is negro without the N. Visa fries then stipulates clearly that smarty had a party and nobody came. I have now proven with out any medically advantageous apparatus in play such as my impressive… Read more »


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    the coon brings up a good point. “No U” is the ultimate debate/argument tool. it has the utmost versatility and is irrefutable. so much power in three letters.


    I think the main reason people do not like them is discussed in the statement: without addressing the substance of the argument. It very well may be that in a debate you are a part of, the characteristics and authority of the opposing individual may be relevant to the substance of the argument. If they are not, then they only serve the purpose of potentially making someone not like the person, but they do not prove anything in the debate. Also, I have no idea what I am talking about, I am just going on what I see in the… Read more »


    You always say that. I’m starting to think it’s not true.


    The whole thing?


    Kidding. I know I am smart, but I am uneducated. CYA.


    I now see your point; when it comes to advocacy, ad hominums can be used non-fallaciously.


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