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    Atheists- we’re not elitists, we’re just better than everyone else!


    It’s not elitism. Not really. You know how you figured out Santa wasn’t real when you were 6 or 7, but you still had kids in school that believed in Santa all the way up to 9 or sometimes 10? You’d talk to them in class, and you’d explain how there really isn’t anyone at the North Pole, et cetera, and you wonder how the fuck that kid hasn’t figured it out yet? It’s that. If you want to call that elitism, go for it. I obviously can’t change your mind. After all, humans are going to be arguing over… Read more »

    fracked again

    Elitism is shared by all social groups. In this case, though, theists say that atheists will all go to hell for eternity and be punished forever for arbitrary and temporal wrongs. Most materialist atheists would simply say we all go the same place, nowhere. We just cease to exists as personalities as our neural processes reach equilibrium (brain death). We all end up the same way, which is anything but elitist. But I will say this, if I have a better and more logical answer than somebody else, say regarding the existence of fairies or goblins, then I am better… Read more »


    How is that a burden. If someone assumes that the existence of any deities is unlikely, why would they consider the lack of an afterlife that is part of a belief system they think is false a burden. And if “religious deaths”, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, were so much more comforting then how come there are no religious people who dance and celebrate at funerals.


    WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH PEOPLE DON’T COUNT. Before anyone thinks of bringing them up. They don’t celebrate funerals because they think anyone went to heaven so there.

    fracked again

    I think its more of a burden to live in fear of judgment. Teaching kids that they are worthless and need a blood sacrifice to even be considered for heaven is abuse.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Personally, I never liked any of the concepts of an afterlife that are presented by mainstream religion. For example, if you read the Bible literally, Heaven (or the Kingdom of God) is just Earth but everyone lives forever and Jesus is in charge. Sounds kind of crappy to me.

    In my heaven I am in charge, I get all the hot girls
    DieA. is sucking my cock :D, I the I give it to moutarde in the ass
    then repeat as needed.

    You’re just setting yourself up for ironic reversal. Welcome to an eternity of being forced to make chicken related meals for DieA and fornicating with a donkey owned by Moutarde.

    well……you are a nerd.


    Uh dude, I’m vegan. At least as far as animal products go. I’m ok with cannibalism.

    Luke Magnifico

    What the shit is this shit


    No one’s going to say it?

    …fine, I will.

    WTF is “aethiesm” and WTF is an “aethiest?”

    Not only did they add an extra E, they transposed the E and I.


    Can I shop around for a better religion?


    yep! you can try the religion of thinking what ever the fuck you want about reality because at the end of the day no one can say for sure if any thing is right or wrong…it will always be their own subjective opinion or experience.


    Attention whore thy name is atheism


    Its’ aethiesm.


    ohhhh wahhhhhhh lemme call the wahhhmbulance for all the whiny atheists

    Luke Magnifico

    Come on, dude.

    It’s aetheists.


    I stand Corrected


    No no, aethiests!


    Attention whore thy name is ReaverMMA.


    The main similarity between atheism and religion is that they waste their entire fucking lives worrying about deaths.

    The main difference is that religious people can justify it because they think they’re going to a magical cloud but the dawkinites waste their lives away pondering over what they literally claim is nothing.

    I’m a don’t-give-a-shitist. Fuck off if you faggots waste my time over all this mental masturbation.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I really don’t think that Richard Dawkins, someone who has made enormous contributions to science, can be said to have wasted his entire life worrying about death.


    No, he’s wasted the last part of his life getting visibly upset on television because he can’t stop thinking about and talking about and writing about something he doesn’t believe in.

    I think I’m going to get really pissy and bitter about unicorns. Fucking cunt unicorns they don’t fucking exist.

    fracked again

    He is fighting what he sees as a negative force in society. If cunt unicorns don’t exist and thats the end of it, no problem, but if somebody sets themselves up as the priest of cunt unicorns, rapes kids, lives tax free or at the government teat, scams people out of money, tortures kids with threats of damnation for not believing in cunt unicorns, get in the way of science education and research, and interferes with society from thinking about sex all the way to the right to commit suicide if you have a terminal condition and want to die… Read more »


    I never think about dying, and I’m an atheist.

    In fact, the only time I really think about religion is when someone is telling me what I can’t do because of their invisible sky people. Otherwise, live and let die.

    fracked again

    Then shut up and quit shitting on threads you don’t care about! 🙂


    I’m an atheist because it just seems more logical than the alternatives.

    End of story.


    well yes, in a land where people try to cram the bullshit or organized religion into your head, atheism is better

    Pagan religions have truth, but USA hates them,…as it hates truth


    Hey OP, try this again, but use a better font and make the background color slightly faded from one corner to another or something.

    also delete everything but the last sentence.


    so if you dont believe in God then you automatically believe the entirety of existence is contained within the physical universe? I thought not believing in God was suppose to liberate you and open your mind…sounds like the most closed minded explanation of existence i’ve ever heard. but then again i’ve always thought you had to a special kind of prick to be an atheistic


    duh…fucking shit gay spelling gay shit. fuck it cos the pic has bad spelling in it anyways but i correct the last sentence and then watch the votes go down down down…but then again i’ve always thought you had to a special kind of prick to be an *atheist* (or bad speller).


    what annoys me about atheists is they believe that they are right in believing in nothing and any one who believes in something is stupid or moronic. atheism is not the belief in nothing however. it is the belief that anyone who believes in something is wrong. On a fundamental level they are just as hard line and simple minded as those that believe in one true God. ITS JUST ANOTHER FUCKING DRAIN DEAD RELIGION.

    Luke Magnifico

    And then this fucker comes along, and he’s clearly drunk, he’s sitting at his computer, talking to himself, he’s not using any form of grammar I’m familiar with, he’s just rambling along about how atheism is, I don’t even fucking know, intolerant and closed minded, he’s generalising all over the damn place, then BAM

    He gets hit by a truck, well I’ll be damned.

    fracked again

    You are mistaking confidence for fundamentalism. Also atheism is not a religion. How many times must this be repeated? There are superstitious atheists, spiritual atheists, Buddhist atheists, etc. The type of atheism you are conflating as being the one and only form is that of philosophical materialism, which is also the underlying assumption of science.


    Is that what all atheists really believe? Have you asked any atheist and gotten that as a reply? I doubt it. Though, technically, I guess I do believe in nothing. I generally prefer to think and suppose.


    Fuck you, I’m atheist and I’m in legion with no-one, nor do I have spiritual ‘burdens’. Your problems are your own, stop looking to link arms with a bunch of people who think the same as you to justify it.


    The Problem stems from Labeling onself….

    I just say I don’t believe…period.
    And when they ask if I’m a this or that…I just say no until they shut the hell up…




    Man you guys are all gonna feel stupid when you approach the gates of Valhalla and Thor beats your ass.


    HAIL XENU!!!