Get off my lawn!

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    Angry old man makes a lot of sense.


    So does his confused grandson.


    Goddammn it, I’ll go back to lurning moar:

    And so does his confused grandson.


    amen brother.


    Sadly, MTV started steering away from living up to its name even before the 90s. The 90s was just when that trend accelerated drastically. For me, the nail in the coffin was the cancellation of the Headbangers’ Ball.


    Yep, completely agree. I (vaguely) remember when MTV came out. It was great. There were often videos of people playing music, or music playing with some (crude at the time) cutting edge special effects. Usually something spinning. We can’t blame MTV though. They look at the ratings. People want stupid shit, so they serve it up.


    Come back Daria, we miss you. And the “Dead Like Me” girl too.


    Used to tape record (get off my lawn!) party zone like 2am-5am in uk because it had stuff like autechre and portishead and chemical brothers – stuff you could come back after clubbing to, chillout zone was actual ambient music instead of MINISTY OF SOUND PAUL OAKENFOLD REMIXES ALREADY SHIT CHEESY MUSIC!

    But yea – graph jam did one that made me lol for a bit – was “Reasons I dont feel bad for downloading music” and was just one colour of “MTV cribs”

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