Scorpion in Syria

Israel 078.jpg (1 MB)

This little fucker tried crawling under my sandal. Note to self: don’t wear sandals in scorpion country.

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    It was spent by Isreal to kill you.


    D’aw, look: it’s got little scorpion fingers on its claws.


    Note to self: don’t walk around a fan factory after taking Viagra.


    I’m assuming you stomped the shit out of it right after you took this photo.

    fracked again

    Better that you didn’t. Thin claws are a sign that a sting would have made that a very bad day. Lethal? Not likely. Painful as fuck all? Yes.


    I’m totally live-and-let-live til they come indoors and/or get in my footwear. Then it’s Raid time.


    Ah… The RAID approach is rather hostile. I don’t think they like that much. You should try the crumpets and tea approach. Much more civilized.


    Yeah, I’d pretty much leave it alone. Or invite it for tea. Depends on the time of day.