New car

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Yeah, I drive this awesome hunk of metal to work everyday. Call it an early graduation present to myself.

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    had rented one of those when a flew to vegas last year. thats a pretty fun car to drive, enjoy.


    Needs more dials.


    Hope it’s the manual! I almost bought one of these used, but ended up with a Boxster for the convertible thing.


    The stick shift in the center console kinda gives that away 😉


    Actually the automatic gear selector is almost identical.

    On my little work monitor that’s the same thing, no CSI screens here! There’s a considerable difference in top end hp, apparently due to automatic’s torque converter.

    teezy weezy

    Ace, superb instrument binnacle lovely colour too.
    Grey wheels are the way forward.


    Have fun adding a quart of oil every month 😛


    Have fun adding a new engine every two years or so.


    They really are not that bad any more…


    All Wankel rotary engines burn/lose oil. It’s a fact of life. That being said, I wouldn’t mind owning one, after a few choice other cars. Forgot to say grats on the new purchase.


    Indeed they do burn oil, by design, but again, you won’t be swapping out motors every two years unless you are thrashing the motor and not topping up your oil regularly…


    bitchin’ car!




    When I graduated elementary, all I got was a gold star and ice cream 🙁


    should have got the speed3 instead.


    Disagree, I like RWD better than FWD. Plus, RX-8 is bitchin’. I was going to get one, but my brother wanted it, so instead i’m going with a 328i 6speed manual and getting Dinan S1 package.


    328? If you’re going the Dinan route, you should at least get the 335. 381 hp, 421 lb-ft of torque… it’s a beast to drive.


    No money 🙁

    Donut Jesus

    I dunno. . .I’ve had two RX-8’s and have had a ’10 Speed3 for six months. . .I like them both for different reasons, although the 3 is quicker and soooo low maintenance in comparison. . .

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I know a guy who has one and loves it.

    Find a dealer who can work on rotary engines.

    I had a RX7 for years. Very fun cars.


    I got one a few years ago when my mx6 started giving up the ghost. The car drives awesome and is amazing to sit in. I’m not a tall man, which is generally a plus for mazdas, but the ebrake you annoyingly have to reach for and it handles like shit in snow. I have to mothball mine every winter. go go archaic RWD technology.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    did you put snow tires on and weight the trunk?


    Graduating college? And what kind of work do you do?


    when I first saw the pic I thought for sure it was a casemods post without himself in it (a first?). But he would probably submit photos of a much nicer namebrand car, he doesnt own but had access too.


    Now let’s go on to something ruder!

    [John Cleese voice] “Wankel rotary engine.”




    dude, that one its so sexy, you should make this post NSFW.

    Doc Shadow

    You are correct, though Wankel is mostly being replaced by rotary.


    Strong work mate, I have a 2004 edition in Velocity Red. Awesome car. I suggest for accessories and performance mods.

    Jesus Christ

    Fuck. Yes.


    Love the Mazda RX’s.


    Oh and RWD is the way to go for a car like this.


    Absolutely. RWD FTW!!!!

    casemods UID# 667

    I don’t like it.

    Needs dip dish chrome rims and aftermarket paint job (bright color)


    did buying this douche canoe make coming out of the closet easier?


    Very nice RX-8. Manual = You are not a dickless shit-head. Wanna race? I have an 04 STi 😀


    Aren’t you being a little hard of the slushbox folks?

    I thought about getting one of these, but there was no way I could fit a kwang dao in it. Then I got laid off, so it’s probably a good thing I went with a less expensive sedan. XD

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