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For the past couple months I’ve been looking to get into the movie business. I want to be a director and come up with original films. I was going to direct a short Star Wars fan-film, but then I realized getting the costumes and props is going to be a bitch.

Based on the Dr. Kenzo image I took the other day, it looks like I may end up making a horror film first, an original story a friend and I are coming up with.

This will be tons cheaper to film and easier to set up, which means we can get working on it a lot sooner.

I made this mock-up poster, and with that image alone, we’re fleshing out the story and we have tons of ideas already. My cousin saw the poster and he’s recommending me to a friend of his in Hollywood who is working as DA on a Jerry Bruckheimer film!

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    Remove the butcher knife and the phrase “The doctor will see you now”. It makes it look like another stupid American “horror” film.


    I would prefer something more simplistic to be honest. I like the way you styled the title, but putting it at the bottom, in front of a photo, doesn’t draw too much attention to it. I would put it in the middle of the poster, maybe with a black background rectangle from side to side, just to emphasize the title and it’s style. That would also create clear lines between the photographs, and you wouldn’t need to use the opacity transition between the photos (which seems a bit amateur). Or you could also use plain black background, no photos at… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Here’s an idea. Quit wasting time on the poster and make the movie first. Planning involves finishing a script, scouting for locations, working up a shooting schedule, figuring out lighting, finding a cast, etc. When the movie is done, if its good, someone else will make the poster. Unless your real plan is to be studio movie poster guy.


    of course you can always put a casemods photo…



    thank you


    I agree on the butcher knife, but make it a surgical instrument…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If you want to make movies: just make movies. Don’t wait to hear from the Hollywood guys, just get a digital camera, some friends who will act for free and do it. Lot’s and lot’s and of examples directed who got started that way: Spielberg, Rodriguez, Nolan, Linklater, Kevin Smith.


    I was thinking of “Re-Animator” remake by Rob Zombie.


    I don’t see why any hollywood guy would give you the time of day when all you have is a mock up of a movie poster. Horror films are a good way into the business though. They seem to find a market more effectively than any other genre by far. Make a short film, submit it to festivals, release it online. But please please please PLEASE do something original. Gore does not make up for terrible plot and shitty acting, bad lighting, unimaginative angles etc. There are a billion young men making crappy horror out there. Please do not be… Read more »

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