captain america – movie teaser poster

so why is the Human Torch wearing Cap’s costume?  Hopefully they explain this in the trailer that I hear will be shown during the footballs game this weekend.

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    Gary Generic

    Makes more sense than Wade Wilson joining the Green Lantern Corps….

    tiki god

    oh god that movie’s trailer makes me uncomfortable. Hal Jordon is supposed to be an over confident cocky S.O.B., not some over muscled frat boy that just got his first job.


    I dunno until I see the trailer.


    I think the movie uniform not only makes perfect sense, ( can you imagine fighting a war in bright blue spandex, fluffy white feathers on your head and big flapping bright red pirate boots on?) it just looks better. In fact, Marvel has already decided (see Feb issue of Previews) to change it retroactively, in any future stories about Cap’s past. I’ve been waiting 37 years for a decent Cap movie and so far, it looks great. At least Red Skull won’t be Italian in this one 🙂


    Chris Evans won’t be Johnny Storm anymore, they’re supposed to be rebooting Fantastic 4.


    Ya, I heard that. Good. It needed it.