The LOST Tarot cards

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Tarot cards of the original survivors.

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    whos the sacrifice and the enigma?


    The Sacrifice is Boone and The Enigma is The Island. Click to see the fullsize and it has more text.


    awesome show. i know it let some ppl down mid-series but it’s near it’s end and boy is it getting good. The back story behind the Spaniard (Richard?) was the best ep so far.


    /..\ The Sacrifice is my dear dead Boone.


    The Fugitive is Kate aka Evangeline Lilly. She is so fucking sexy.

    The Believer is Locke and he is one badass SOB.

    I’ve missed too many episodes of the last season. 🙁

    Luke Magnifico

    Locke used to be badass. Now he’s just pathetic. The original, not the facsimile.


    Shame about Boone. He could have actually been a cool character, except they mad him a moron who fell for, and put up with, his truly useless step sisters nonsense. Locke was definitely always the cool one… My favorite character. at least at the beginning of the series. My kind of guy. He really just went down hill as soon as they introduced all that Daddy/Cripple angst. Lost is quite interesting, though I hated that they pretty much made stuff up as they went along, and there was no overarching coherent back story upon which everything was based, right from… Read more »