Timothy Olyphant as Hitman 47

At first, I wanted Jason Statham (he is almost completely bald naturally) but, I\’m starting to warm up to Olyphant (I loved him in Deadwood, Girl Next Door, and Die Hard 4)as 47 after seeing the previews/trailers.

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    Sneaky Snake

    “A sinner becomes a saint..”



    I would also have preferred Jason Statham as Agent 47. Timothy Oliphant doesn’t quite capture the hardness of the character. Agent 47 is much more gaunt looking…

    But who knows. He might make it work.


    There’s still something fucked up about the synopsis.

    Why are they painting him as a saint? He’s a hitman for crying out loud.


    It’s not the actor, it’s not the plot, it’s the PG13 rating that bothers me.


    Hitman the Movie has PHAIL written all over it. At least the soundtrack will be Hitman-like.


    R.I.P. hitman

    Sneaky Snake

    Too bad Jesper Kyd isnt writing the score, kind of crushes anything that could make it halfway decent.


    I agree with Gaexion


    I had a horrible feeling about this movie…

    they’ve completely ruined it, haven’t they?


    I think I might cry.

    The Lawnmower

    Bad hollywood! Bad!


    Good news! The new trailers are showing that the rating has been changed to R. Although this doesn’t guarantee it will be a better movie, it does mean that ‘hollywood’ was testing the water and guaged their audience correctly.

    There are two reasons you should see this movie.

    Reason 1; that it isn’t being released in the January-March timeslot (which is when most romance and date movies are released[look it up]) and it isn’t being released in the Post-Summer-Blockbuster-Halloween timeslot. (Like you crawled outta your cave for anything other than transformers you fat motherfucker[yes you])

    Reason 2; you are a conformist brainwashed spineless motherfucker who will let your douche-fag weeaboo pocky-eating friends peer-pressure you into anything on the premise that it is good for you to get out of the house and out of your furfag costume and to partake in this glorious over-indulgent fast-food lifestyle.


    have you checked the children?


    Me? I’m not fat. I’m big boned. OK…?
    Aw, who am I kidding. I’m fat. Who cares. The flames on my skin use my epidermal lard to remain burning. So there. I have no human friends to subject me to any kind of peer pressure, and I don’t wear any costumes. They’d all burn up anyway.

    In any case, Transformers was the only movie worth crawling out of my cave for, thank you very much.
    And I probably won’t come crawling out of my cave for this movie, so quitcherbitchen. My cave rocks anyway.


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