Not the best seats…

DSCF0937crop.jpg (175 KB)

DSCF1014crop2.jpg (447 KB)

DSCF1018crop.jpg (562 KB)

July 25 09 airshow 341crop.jpg (329 KB)

July 25 09 airshow corkscrew.jpg (437 KB)

July 25 09 airshow WTF.jpg (404 KB)

mkeair show chic.jpg (507 KB)

thunderbirds formation.jpg (368 KB)

Butt some good seats, no less…

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    Ok fuck you man with that title I was expecting a fucking plane crash and you best be providing me with one.


    That chicks ass is teh_awesome.

    casemods UID# 667

    This, and the white dog looks like the one that ran in front of my house 5 minutes ago.


    second time I scroll past this and the writing on the red planes still reads “Arsehole”