Fridge Full of Soda

fridge.jpg (68 KB)

Mostly Stuarts orange and cream and also black cherry. With various cream sodas and then a large bottle of Crown. Who needs food?

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    mmm, crown


    Your dentist FTW.




    we have a fridge in the garage that’s for bottled water, soda and beer. i’m right there with you. except that part where we have an inside fridge for food.


    I’ve got 3 fridges and 1 freezer. The main one in the kitchen , I bought last year. Moved the old one to the basement and then moved the even older one to the garage. They’re kept unplugged til summer when we’ll stock w/ non-alcoholic downstairs and beer, Margarita and whatever other alcoholic drinks that are kept cold We took 2 of the bottom shelves in the garage fridge and can fit a 1/2 keg of beer in it. We just never throw stuff out and it accumulates over time.

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