My fridge

DSCN5396.JPG (896 KB)

sometimes it has food in it

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    good job, dude. you’re like the only person not to clean their fridge before you took a pic of it


    Mine was definitely not cleaned for the pic. I thought about cleaning it, but pneumonia put the quash on a lot of things I need to do.


    Beer coca cola, Damm your brain is roten.


    No, you are not ashamed or fake…but you are from the future! How did we ever survive December 21, 2012?

    BTW, looks like my fridge…minus a pizza box


    Casemod’s fridge, with sweat and dead man’s balls.


    That’s actually a nice fridge.

    madhouses visites

    Is that yellow tail wine in the fruit tray?


    I always make sure to have a plethora of coca cola in my fridge, its my main vice. I mean i have a shit load of vices, but that’s the mother fucker.


    Learn to set the date on your camera dude, what year is it?


    Come on, case –at least take a pic of your own fridge. Y’know, the one with the the heads of local pets lining the shelves and the freezer door busting open with sperm samples.

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