Uncomfortable Kid

uncomfortable_kid.JPG (107 KB)

This is what I see each and everytime I sign into my Yahoo mail account at work and it cracks me each time I see it.

This kid looks as if the world is about to come to and end.

**Please don’t flame me for using IE. I don’t have a choice.***

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    camera: 40 dollars
    black shirt: 8 dollars
    having your mom give you a hand job: 50 dollars
    having that picture put on the internet: priceless.


    Who would pay fifty bucks for a hanskie from their mom? I get that shit for free. Wait, what?


    It’s hard to keep it real when your grandma is calling you “her little pooky”


    …or “Surprise cock-grab!”


    Not to bad for his first effort.


    Everyone has a fucking choice with their browser. portableapps.com, bitch.


    Pro tip: Some places block you from running executables that they don’t want you to. Not everyone has a choice.


    What you do then is rename your portable firefox.exe to notepad.exe and it works usually. Just pick the name of something you know isn’t blocked.


    A good system admin could prevent internet access though anything except IE if they want to invest the time into it.

    casemods UID# 667

    I’m sure you can ask the bosses to install adblock and tell them why it’s better and safer.

    casemods UID# 667

    He’s black and probably poor.

    His shirt has probably been passed down from 5 kids.

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