Death of a General

Battle of Staufen.jpg (235 KB)

An Imperial tercio, supported by pilgrim camp followers, is torn apart by a French regiment of foot. Here the Imperial general gloriously charges into the block of French pikemen, only to die seconds later.

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    I can’t see that well but are the French using Greek Pikes and the Byzantines on armoured horseback?


    Rome Total War was one of the best PC games I have ever played.


    I like this game. I too played Rome Total War. Badass game. If only they had it for Xbox 360. The new one looks amazing, features tall ships too: Empire: Total War.


    Oh man awesome I gotta play this game.

    17th century wouldn’t do much for me? I think? Lot’s of reloading large riffles. Mid sixteenth century mercenary type stuff would be a laugh and I’ve always wondered why there’s never been a big game about that?


    Why would they charge straight into a cluster of pointy sticks? I imagine the horses running towards them and then being like “Oh F@*% This”