Funny Anime Subtitles

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that’s why i prefer dubbed

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    Even though dubs tend to be less quirky, they also tend to improvise way more with their translation until you have completely different dialogues than the original. For example I saw Evangelion a long time ago on TV, the dialogues seemed all coherent, as far as batshit insane anime goes anyway, and I thought I’m being told the same story as the people who watched the original. When I decided to rewatch it and downloaded it with subtitles I had to find out that I didn’t know a whole lot about the actual story. I’d rather have a couple mistakes in a fansub than an entirely different story because they had to improvise the translation in a way so it would match the animation.

    FUCK ANIME!!!!!!


    You’re my most favourite raccoon. People at the grocery store ask me sometimes, hey Maya who’s your favourite raccoon and I smile and say nobody knows.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    meh. Most subtitle humor comes from when the meaning in the original language is different from what is conveyed in the translated language, e.g. “DO NOT WANT”. OTOH, these are probably exactly what was intended, but anime is just crazy like that.


    Exactly. “He’ll pleasure himself with this fish” is clearly “I’m going to enjoy having this fish (for dinner)” from someone who doesn’t know what “pleasuring myself” means to us. I’ve met some people from Japan who love some random part of our pop culture, (say knightrider or Macguyver) and tell me all this stuff they love about it that doesn’t exist in our version.


    What ever happened to “people die when they are killed?”


    Or “all your bases are belong to us?” I’m pretty sure I messed that up.


    Last one is surprisingly not a mistranslation, I’ve seen that anime and there actually was a homo getting strangled at one point

    Kik Dogg

    That happened at casemods’ meth house


    Evangelion is not “batshit insane anime”!!!


    Yes, it is. I watched it for the second time last week. You could tell when they were running out of money, using the same shots over again. And then spending five minutes waiting for the death of the last angel. No movement, just music, and then…. Crunch!


    Yes it is.

    Everyone has mental health issues in that show. A team of combat-trained shrinks would have a (dangerous) field day with the NERV staff


    I find your senseless bashing of a great anime disturbing. I’ll rest my case if you can prove me that no one has mental issues.


    Either you’ve never watched Evangelion through to the end, or you’ve only watched the dubbed version.

    Evangelion is about how people cope with abandonment issues.

    Gendo Ikari copes with losing his wife by making clones of her

    Asuka copes with her mother’s suicide by becoming a braggart and emotionally cold to other people

    Misato tries to keep every man in her life by acting like a sexpot

    Shinji copes with his father leaving him by being distrustful of everyone he meets.

    If you watched any of the last 4 episodes you would see that.


    Also, the first one is correct too, they are talking about the animals they hunted.
    And the second one is correct too (how do i know these things…?)


    The dubbed anime porn is always really badly dubbed. I’m glad most of them have dual audio though.


    I lost my ex because I had steadfastly refused to prob her pooper.That`s just not funny.


    Throw away your common sense and get an afro!

    Yep, I’m going to have to cut that image out to use on message boards.


    Panels 8 and 9 are from Rosario + Vampire, not sure what seasons of the 2. The guy in the fish one looks very familiar but I just can’t think of what show that’s from.


    Whoops, meant 9 and 10, not 8 and 9.


    You realize that these subs were ‘shopped and not the -actual- subs, right?


    That’s a long line of lulz. Also educational: now I know what to do when attacked by your balls.

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