Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader?

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    Luke Magnifico

    I cried because of how awesome this is.


    *manly tears of honor and respect*


    I shed a single tear, then went outside to fuck some shit up. There was no fuckable shit in sight so I just round-housed kicked the garbage can and came back inside. What was cool though apparently our power surged around the same time of the kick … do I have superpowers? Holy shit! I just might! I gotta test this! Be right back!


    Nope. I definitely do not. 🙁


    Is this canon? Because that has serious implications.

    Also, i’m glad i’m not the only one touched by this. I think we’ve bonded M[c]S.


    Also also, love the “OSHI-” look from the gunshots.


    The Goddamn Batman doesn’t retire.


    I think you mean “The FUCKING BATMAN does NOT retire!” 😀

    This is so awesome.


    Didn’t Bruce Wayne retire and clone himself to make a new Batman?


    the first part of this was so awesome that the second half fell flat. Neil Gaiman is the king of the first two acts of story, without question.

    and of course the answer to “whatever happened to the caped crusader?” comes this year when we see him turned into caveman/pirate/viking/cowboy/samurai/gangster Batman.